About Us

    History of the Cardinal Kelvin Felix Pastoral Centre

    Late 70s to early 80s

    The concept of the Pastoral Centre began with “Know Your Faith” sessions upstairs the

    Cathedral Presbytery from 1979-82. These sessions grew out of the need for faith formation

    expressed during the First Synod of the Archdiocese of Castries in 1977. Sessions were

    conducted by the then parish priest with other clergy and laity invited to speak on a variety of

    topics. Sessions were open to the public.

    1982 – 1987

    A Consultation process among the parishes in 1981 further accentuated the need for faith

    formation and evangelization. The Pastoral Centre was officially opened on Sunday 22nd

    August, 1982 with the mandate to prepare “within a period of 5-7 years, a group of local lay

    people who will be able to :

    (a) assume in communion with the hierarchy, responsibility for the Church in St. Lucia;

    (b) exercise true Christian leadership in their local communities;

    (c) express their faith in their own culture, language, music, drama, dance, art etc.;

    (d) experience their communion with biblical faith, church tradition, and the faith of the

    Universal Church today”.

    The First Board of Directors included : Archbishop Kelvin Felix, Fr. Patrick Anthony, V.G., Fr.

    Jean Riffaud FMI, Sr. Carol Brenner, SC, Sr. Elizabeth Riviere SJC, Mr. Nathaniel Husbands,

    Mr. Winville King, Mrs. Bertilia Jn Baptiste, and Mrs. Mary Popo. The Staff was Fr. Patrick

    Anthony (Director), Sr. Carol Brenner (Executive Secretary), Fr. Jean Riffaud (Lecturer).

    The Pastoral Centre’s First School of Liturgy was held at St. Mary’s College, August 16-27th

    1982. Themes covered included : Reconciliation, ‘Fashion Me a People’, Eucharist Today,

    Eucharistic Symbols in the Old Testament. Lecturers were Fr. Ildefons Schroots OSB (Trinidad),

    Sr. Diane Jagdeo OP (Regional Seminary, Trinidad), Fr. Jean Riffaud FMI and Fr. Patrick


    The first two buildings of the New Pastoral Centre at the Farm, Marisule, were blessed by

    Archbishop Felix on 19th

    The Pastoral Centre offices at the Cathedral Presbytery were officially transferred to the new site

    March, 1985 in the presence of Mr. Bernhard Steber of ADVENIAT.

    on the 1stApril, 1985.

    Pastoral Centre programmes included :

    (1) annual two weeks of School of Liturgy in August;

    (2) a Bible study series

    (3) Saturday leadership training sessions for parish leaders

    (4) ‘Know Your Faith’ series

    (5) One week seminars on ‘New Image of the Parish’ (NIP).

    After over two decades of experience as a learning and training centre, it became necessary to

    redefine the Centre’s mandate to keep it relevant and responsive to the contemporary needs of

    the Church. Coming out of a clergy meeting of May 12th

    which made recommendations in the areas of financing, utilization, ownership by parishes and

    collaboration, a retreat was held for past and present Pastoral Centre board members on 24 and

    27 November, 2007. It took the form of a restructuring exercise facilitated by a management

    consultant assigned to conduct a management audit of the Centre. Arising out of these exercises

    the consultant’s report received in March 2008 made recommendations in two areas: (a)

    govenance arrangements and (b) organizational structure.

    The recommendations were accepted and it was agreed that a divisional structure would be

    best for the Centre to achieve its vision, mission and objectives. The following divisions were

    established : (a) Spirituality (b) Hospitality (c) Pastoral Programmes (d) Evangelization and (e)

    Research. Each division is to set its own objectives, plan strategy, have its products/services best

    suited to achieve the objectives of the Centre.


    On Wednesday January 21, 2009, the Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre was re-named after

    Archbishop Kelvin Felix, Second Archbishop of Castries, who had served the people of Saint

    Lucia selflessly from October 5, 1981 until his retirement on February 15, 2009.

    2007 on the role of the Pastoral Centre,